Project DU F.I.L.M.

The Idea:

Project DU F.I.L.M. pairs existing University of Denver Film Studies and Production students with professional alumni mentors to produce, shoot, edit and distribute films they shoot together on location in Colorado.

The Goals:

  • Generate mentorships by pairing students with professional alumni filmmakers practiced in collaboration
  • Expose students to the entire lifecycle of short film creation – development, preproduction, production, post-production and distribution
  • Repurpose footage from the film throughout the curriculum as students learn storytelling, editing, sound design, set construction, etc. in classes ranging from Advanced Editing, Introduction to Field Producing & Editing, and Intermediate Sound Design and Production
  • Raise departmental, divisional and national profiles with the completed short film and through the behind-the-scenes documentary of the process
  • Create national and statewide exposure for the University and the program through conference presentations and publications about this model